Networks Too Big for their Own Good

Despite the desire of companies to reward employees based on merit, recruitment itself is often focused on personal networks for finding and evaluating candidates for job opportunities. This has prompted job seekers to expand their networks to unprecedented levels (with the aid of websites such as LinkedIn).

This NY Times article argues that as individual networks have increased the “quality of connections” has been severely eroded. In addition, recruiters may be missing out on top candidates whose only weakness is not having the “right name to drop”.

The lesson for job seekers is to realize the difference between strong and weak connections. Focus on creating relationships that are mutually beneficial. Second, expand your network beyond your core group of advisors/mentors. If all of your network connections know one another then the diversity of advice/potential job prospects will be narrowed. Finally, always have an updated resume because you never know when the right opportunity presents itself (even if you have a full-time job).

Networks Too Big for Their Own Good


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