3 Things Employer’s Don’t Care About

One of the key questions we get from job seekers is what do employers really care about on a resume? What we may think of as important experiences and achievements may be much different than what employer’s value. Here are three things employer’s DON’T care about.

1) High School Experiences- Unless you won the state championship in swimming or the National Spelling Bee, employers really don’t care about your high school GPA, clubs and organizations, and volunteer experiences. If you’re a college student, focus on college leadership experiences and if you’re a young professional focus on achievements from your work experience.

2)  Unrelated Technical Skills- This is a huge mistake that people make when writing resumes. Always think about the job/internship you are applying for and how your experiences/skills fit that job profile. To make a silly comparison, just because you know how to change the oil in your car doesn’t mean it’s relevant to working as a marketing intern. Similarly, many individuals list computer/programming skills that are irrelevant to the intended job. Remember, every line on the resume should have a specific purpose and convey a message to the employer.

3) Font/Format/Style- Don’t spend your time worrying about what the best font/style to use on your resume is or looking through hundreds of online templates to pick the best one. Your resume should be easy to read and logically organized with fonts/styles that do not draw attention away from the content. Employer’s care about content, skills, and achievements. Job seekers often spend the majority of their time reorganizing and reformatting their resumes when they should be spending their time thinking about how to best capture their experiences and skills to fit the intended job.

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