I need a resume… Where do I start? (part 1)

You’re looking for a job and realized your resume is hopelessly out of date, or even missing.  Maybe you’re just finishing school and need to write your first resume.


A resume is a marketing tool, not a history book, and it is worth the effort to create a new resume using the context of your current goals and interests.  People’s goals change over time, and a resume should change too.

The biggest challenge part is determining what work and volunteer experience to include.  But, if you have 30 minutes you can collect all the information you will need.  Just start with a blank piece of paper (or a blank word processing document):

  1. First, list all of your previous jobs. It is important to have all of your jobs in one place.  Keep in mind that you don’t get paid in every job.  Long-term volunteering or leadership in a club or organization can be considered work.  Leave some space between each job to fill in during the next two steps.
  2. Next, describe the best part of each job. All you need is a sentence about what responsibility you enjoyed, or what activities you thought you were great at.  Some jobs may have several “best parts” while others may have none.  This is ok.  Put a star next to each of these notes.
  3. Last, write down the other responsibilities for each job.  Think about what you want to communicate to potential employers.  Often you want to indicate that you are reliable, responsible, work well in groups or work well independently.

Now you’ve got the foundation for a great resume.  Next we’ll cover putting this information into a standard resume format, such as the one at myresumeshop.com.

If you want more help crafting your resume, visit us at www.myresumeshop.com


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