I’m not getting a response from my job applications, what should I do?

One of the problems for unsuccessful job applicants is that there’s almost no way to know why you’re not achieving success.  There are two sets of issues at play: external and internal factors.

Externally, the firm may simply not have openings so despite an excellent resume and superb qualifications you may still not receive a response. Additionally, some firms are slower than others at getting back to applicants or the competition may be extremely talented for a specific position.

Internal factors include everything that is within your control including your resume and qualifications/skills. It is these internal factors that you should focus on the most.  Here are three ways to improve your chances for getting a response  or finding out why you aren’t getting one.

1) Internal Advocates- Ideally, before applying to any job you should work hard to network with people within the organization.  If you can submit your resume through someone in the organization instead of through a recruiting website your chances for an interview invitation will be greatly increased. You can find people to contact through undergraduate alumni organizations, personal contacts, or by simply finding names of people on the company”s website and asking for a few minutes of their time.

2) Resume Improvement- Improving your resume is a great way to get yourself noticed by recruiters.  In the short run, you can’t change your skills/qualifications for a specific job, but you can market them in a different way to help bring out your most important and relevant achievements. If you have spent countless hours improving your resume and don’t see how it can become any better it may be time to see a professional. An unbiased perspective can help you think about your experiences in an entirely different way. For more resume tips: www.myresumeshop.com

3) Ask for Feedback- Many people don’t realize that they can simply ask employer’s why they weren’t picked for an interview. When doing this, make sure that you are diplomatic. Ask to speak to the HR department or company contact and ask about the status of your application. If someone  has already been selected for the position ask for feedback so you are better prepared for the next job opportunity. Asking in the right way can lead to incredibly useful data so you don’t replicate the same mistakes over and over again.


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