Think Before you Act

It’s surprising how many┬ápeople jump into jobs without having the slightest idea of what their responsibilities will be. If you went to a restaurant and there was a “surprise” option on the menu would you order it? Would you buy a car without test driving it first? Would you buy a book without reading a review?

Our work takes up an enormous amount of our time and we should treat our job search and career strategy with immense diligence. Job seekers routinely apply for jobs they have little interest in, edit their resumes at 1am while facebook chatting with their friends, and proofread cover letters minutes before the submission deadline.

Don’t make these same mistakes. Before applying for a job, do your homework on both the company and the specific role. Talk to current and past employees, read the latest news on the company, and browse the organizations website. Spend considerable time crafting your resume to fit the specific job. Are the skills and experiences on your resume┬áspecific to the role? Will they make you stand out from other applicants?

Think about quality, not quantity with your job search strategy. Apply to three carefully researched positions with tailored resumes/cover letters as opposed to twenty positions with generic applications.


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