How to NOT prepare for a career fair

You signed up for the career fair at 11:48PM, 12 minutes before the deadline.

You show up 30 minutes late, under-dressed, shirt hanging out of your pants, and one copy of a resume folded into 4 pieces.

You walk around with no direction looking for popular booths and names that you recognize “Goldman”, “BCG”, “CIA”.

You wait in line for 30 minutes to ask a stupid question, “Are you hiring for the summer? What type of background are you looking for?”

You leave the career fair with five new pens, a t-shirt you will never wear, and absolutely no new prospects.

Want to stand out? It is actually incredibly simple. Research employers beforehand, ask smart questions, bring multiple copies of your resume. Practice a pitch about yourself that includes something interesting. Ask for business cards and follow up with employers after the fair.


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