My friends are doing it….

Applying for a job in consulting, finance, and dozens of other industries is extremely difficult. You have to attend recruiting events, set-up informational interviews, research the companies thoroughly, prep for the interview, and write tailored resumes and cover letters.

You would think that given the amount of work involved students would first consider a fundamental question: is this what I really want to do? In fact, most students and young professionals don’t really know what they are getting themselves into. “My friends are all interviewing for consulting and finance and most of the job postings on the on-campus-recruiting site are for consulting and finance firms so it seems like a good choice.”

Here’s a bit of advice that you won’t hear from anyone else. Some of the best internships and jobs are never posted on campus recruiting sites. In fact, they are not posted anywhere at all. You get them by doing extensive research, networking, and creating your own position where one had not previously existed.


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