The Super Bowl Job Search

The job search is similar to the Super Bowl in several ways.

1) You don’t just wake up and find yourself playing in the national championship game. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers worked hard all season and defeated tough opponents to make it to the Super Bowl. Similarly, you don’t just wake up and find yourself interviewing for the job of your dreams. It takes careful planning, preparation, and hard work to make it to the big day.

2) Making it to the Super Bowl is not enough- the teams are there to win the game. They carefully prepare before the game by analyzing the opponents strategy, picking apart the offense and defense, and finding vulnerabilities that can be attacked. Interview day also takes careful preparation. Candidates should research the organization thoroughly and figure out how they can add value  in the position.

3) Winners Win. In sports and in the job search process winners win. Those individuals that are well prepared for interviews are more successful in the interview process, which continues to build confidence and translates into interview success.


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