What should I ask at the end of the interview?

The last five minutes of the interview is your chance to ask questions. There is nothing more embarrassing  than being caught off guard with nothing intelligent to say. It’s one thing to struggle with  interview questions that you are not expecting, but in this part of the interview you should have excellent questions prepared.

Here are a few tips for asking excellent questions at the end of an interview:

1) Do not ask about how you did in the interview.
2) Do not ask about work/life balance.
3) Do not ask anything about personal life.
4) Do not ask generic questions that make it seem that you know little about the role/company.
5) Research the  company and the industry thoroughly to ask targeted questions.
6) Try to include articles/books you have read if they relate to to the organization to show your passion for the industry.

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  1. Aaron McKenny

    Your point #5 is very well received, and I’d even take it a step or so further. The question’s answer shouldn’t be readily available on the webpage and should be answerable by the interviewer (i.e., not asking a technical question to a HR manager). What say you?

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