Quality not Quantity for a Cover Letter

I was recently helping a client with a cover letter and he kept coming back to me with more things to include; everything from foreign language skills and a computer programming course he had taken, to a leadership position his freshman year in college. I find that clients are constantly wanting to put MORE into the cover letter, while my role is to remove as much useless information as I can.

When you approach a resume or a cover letter from a personal standpoint the tendency is to include way too many skill sets. A successful cover letter, however, includes targeted skills sets (for the job at hand) and includes specific demonstrated results for each skill listed (stories).

Concise. Specific. Tailored. These are three ingredients to a successful cover letter.


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  1. Aaron McKenny

    Agree completely. This reminds me of a quote by Louise Brooks “Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% elimination”

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