Seek the Alternative Path

When you’re applying for jobs, the alternative path can lead to new opportunities, higher salaries, and less competition. That’s right, I’m saying that if you go outside the traditional recruitment channels you may actually increase your success at landing your dream job and move up faster in the industry.

Take an MBA applying through normal on-campus recruitment channels. You have just put yourself in direct competition against your classmates, who have similar skills, experience, and education as yourself. You have also thrown yourself into what is likely a national recruitment program where there are 30-60 slots across dozens of top universities. I would argue that these jobs are not only more competitive but in many cases less desirable depending on your industry.

What about the companies that don’t have the budget for national on-campus recruitment programs? They may kill to get a smart MBA in the door but ┬áhave no idea how to find them or lack the resources to get it done. These opportunities can offer you more experience right off the bat, and also allow you to grow within the company in a much more organic way (where Merit is actually recognized) as opposed to the hurdles of rigid promotion processes at large companies.

This isn’t the solution for all people in all industries, but when you embark on your job search the alternative path, the less sexy company has its unique advantages.


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