Become a Recruiter

Why? Because if you see the world through the eyes of a recruiter or a hiring manager, you will position yourself to excel in the job search process.

Here’s a simple test. Ask a friend who is applying for jobs to send you their resume and a job description that they are interested in. Now pretend you are the recruiting manager for the position. Give yourself 2 minutes maximum to review the resume (after reading the job description) and then decide if you want to move forward with the interview process or not.

Was the resume and/or cover letter targeted? Did it clearly articulate that the candidate could perform the duties of the job? Were there any major red flags/weaknesses? Finally, and most importantly, based on your hectic schedule is this someone you want to spend 30 minutes interviewing in exchange for lost productivity at work?

Now take that same situation and apply it to your own job search. As you apply for positions, put yourself in the manager’s seat. Make sure you are not making simple mistakes and wasting other people’s time. Are you the right candidate for the job? Will you get the recruiter excited about your candidacy within a minute? Are there glaring red flags you need to address?


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