What are you an expert in?

What are you an expert in? Online education? Google Adwords? Salesforce integration?

There is no excuse for not being an expert. Choose a category related to your industry/career goals and start learning. There has never been such a democratization of information as there is today. The rise of MOOCs enables you to take a course on virtually any subject from top professors across the world…..for Free!

Combine these courses with simple searches on the internet to stay up-to-date on any subject matter. For example, if your interest is online education, you can set up google alerts for “online-education”, “MOOC”, “Coursera”, “Udacity”, “Edx”. You will receive daily emails on news articles related to these subjects so you know everything going on in the space.

Finally, start blogging about the subject. There is nothing that can establish your credibility more than becoming a teacher.

Start today.


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