Is this job right for you?

How should you evaluate whether you are in the right job or not? Answer the following ten questions. The more questions you answer yes to the more likely you are in a position that is a good fit. If you are answering no to a lot of questions, it’s time to find the door.

1. Does the position fit your strengths (the things you are good at)?
2. Does the position fit your interests (the things you like to do)?
3. Are you passionate about the company?
4. Are you passionate about the product you are working on?
5. Do you want your manager’s position?
6. Are you learning at your job?
7. Do you respect your manager’s intellect?
8. Will this position get you closer to your dream job?
9. Are you meeting people that can help you professionally in the future?
10. Do you get excited about work?


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