Templates Don’t Matter

I am constantly being asked about what “template” is best for a specific profession: finance, nursing, marketing, education, etc. Here’s the thing, Templates Don’t Matter. You’ll find hundreds of websites that advertise “resume templates for any profession”. It’s a scam. If you get recruiters from different industries in the same room together 95% of their advice on templates will be identical.

What do recruiters actually care about? They care about your skills, competencies, education, and experience, and how that relates to the specific role you are applying for. They care about what you have accomplished and how it has impacted the organizations that you have been a part of. They care about your passion for the position. They want someone that is both knowledgeable and coachable.

A template refers to the font, style, and organization of your resume. As long as it’s clean, easy-to-read, and highlights what is important for recruiters, you are doing a good job. Stop worrying about the font size and what to italicize or bold, and start worrying about whether or not you have convinced the recruiter that your background makes you a great candidate for the specific position.


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