The Funnel

Your job search strategy mimics a funnel.

Some have a large base of leads, get few responses, and hope for a miracle offer. These people tend to send out dozens of applications per day, apply to jobs they have little interest in, create generic applications, and can’t seem to understand why they are failing. The funnel is very wide at the top, you receive very few interviews, and you are lucky to get even one offer.

Others have a very narrow funnel. They may apply to one or two jobs per day. They put a massive amount of work into the application process. They meet people from the company, understand the needs of the organization, create tailored resumes and cover letters, and prep for hours before the interview. The success rate is much higher. They get many more interviews as a percentage of applications, they apply to jobs that actually make sense based on their experience, and they are more successful in their search. The funnel has few leads up top, but not much leakage throughout the process.

Focus on quality over quantity.


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